Organizer Job

Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund

and Massachusetts Peace Action


Job Description

Primary Responsibilities

Develop young leadership

Support MAPA’s Next Gen group, link it to the rest of MAPA

Support MAPA’s campus chapters, link them to MAPA,  recruit activists to form new chapters

Develop program for campus chapters and orchestrate activities

Increase the number of young people who are leading and shaping MAPA’s direction (as working group committee chairs or co-chairs, board members, and the like)

Work with young activists to develop their knowledge, leadership skills and commitment




Maintain donor lists

Motivate, organize and sustain a fundraising committee consisting of board members

                Create materials to support donation requests

                Set up appointments with donors for board members

                Meet with donors and ask for donations


Organize annual dinner; house parties; concerts; speaker series – to bring in $$$, cultivate members and donors, build list

Membership outreach

                Telephone members and expired members

Update them on MAPA’s work, invite them to join activities, ask for membership dues or donation

                Telephone new contacts and invite them to become active

Office presence

                Maintain regular office hours

                Supervise interns or volunteers as needed

Participate in executive committee, board, program committee meetings, Peace Action affiliates calls


Secondary Responsibilities (participate in selected parts)

Support MAPA’s program work

Current program focus areas are: nuclear disarmament, Middle East wars, Israel/Palestine, People’s Budget.   Secondary: peace and climate; racial justice; Downwinders (nuclear power).  

Legislative/political: Make our positions on legislation known; file bills and acquire cosponsors; publicize and organize pressure and delegations.  Prepare for election years, recruit candidates, brief candidates, potentially organize forums, endorsements, and organize members to work for endorsed candidates.   Organize and develop leaders and activists within each Congressional District.

Organize and support activists; try to form or support local peace groups outside of Boston/Cambridge area.  This requires some travel and a car would therefore be helpful.

Support working groups or committees.  Make sure meetings happen, take notes, share information.  Maintain liaison with conveners, activists, allies.  Develop and implement strategy and tactics.

Write up, share, communicate the plans and projects of our working groups

Recruit and develop volunteers.  Slot them into working groups, make sure they don’t get lost, help them develop as activists

Organize meetings and program events (e.g. speakers)

Annual membership meeting, cross-movement conference, national organizers meeting/ lobby day

Build Mass. Peace Action’s visibility, membership, leadership base, and political power

Monitor national political developments and foreign / military policy developments and relate to our campaigns


Contribute to MAPA’s online presence via website, e-alerts, social media

Write in newsletter

Public speaking on MAPA’s issues


Desired Skills


Synthesize policy, advocacy information into MAPA position statements

Easily restate information into different forms e.g. action alert, flyer, letter to the editor, fact sheet, social media



Listen and talk.  Represent MAPA with your own voice.

Organize and convene meetings

Public speaking

Networking with other groups and activists


Design impactful flyers using MS Word or Canva

Keep track of lists and money using MS Excel

Post information on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress website, email

Send action alerts and develop online petitions using EveryAction

Share information with colleagues using Google Docs and Google Drive

Manages and organizes lists of supporters using Google Groups, EveryAction, Organizers DB (or replacement)

Social media – fluent in advocacy work using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, podcast


Time management

Keep own list of tasks organized

Set priorities for your tasks

Follow through pro-actively


Terms of employment

This is a full time, salaried position.  Compensation will be in the $30-$35,000 range. We observe approximately 12 holidays (they are set by when the church is closed and generally follow major national holidays).  Employees also receive two weeks paid vacation and five sick days per year.


The Organizer reports to the Executive Director and also maintains an ongoing relationship with the Board Chair and the members of the Executive Committee.  

You are expected to initiate and carry out projects, to keep the ED informed of your plans, and to receive assignments and accept direction.   In case of a conflict you may consult with the Board’s Personnel Committee for problem solving.

To Apply

Send resume, cover letter and a sample of your work to Cole Harrison, Executive Director,  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Youth, people of color and members of marginalized groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Rev. 1/3/2019