Annual Meeting Workshops


The following workshops will be run during our Annual Meeting on March 17th; each has been designed by one of our working groups in an attempt to empower members to take action for peace in 2018. 



Resisting the Trillion Taxpayers Dollar Nuclear Weapons Escalation

This workshop will give an overview of MAPA efforts to mobilize Massachusetts’s citizens in support of cutting nuclear weapons programs and spending. Chair, Mike van Elzakker: Peter Casey will describe the enormous costs of the program. Elaine Scarry will describe our efforts to expand support for the Markey-Lieu No first Strike Legislation, including members of the Mass delegation.  Jonathan King will describe our planned “Build Subways not Submarines” forum, to reach out to the commuter, transit and environmental communities. State Rep Mike Connolly will discuss introducing Don’t Bank on the Bomb divestment, and Taxpayer Information Acts, into the State Legislature in the coming cycle.  We hope the new Mass Statewide Network for Peace and Justice will adopt these campaigns.

End War Without End

Guest speaker Shireen Al-Adeimi, a Yemeni-Canadian-American graduate student at Harvard,  will update participants on the United States’ role in the Yemeni civil war, its relation to Saudi Arabia, and the consequences.  The workshop will also discuss current issues in the Middle East, including the crisis in Syria, US-Iran relations, and more.

Conflicts in the Middle East have for too long been perpetuated by Western military involvement and must come to an end.

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival – Exploring our Relationships to Poverty

Sponsored by the Racial Justice & Decolonization and Peace & Climate Working Groups

  • Ann Withorn of the Poor People’s Campaign – Massachusetts will conduct the workshop in an interactive manner.  Ann has a long history working on poverty and welfare rights is working closely with Savina Martin in Eastern Mass PPC.

  • Savina will have presented on the Campaign in the Plenary.  Ann will review some basics, as needed, about the nature of the Campaign and will pose questions to the participants that will focus on poverty.  She will bring handouts with links for more information, along with sign up forms, so that people can be informed on how to participate in the Campaign in the weeks and months to come.

The Politics of Palestine and Israel in the US: The Times are Changing

Public opinion on the question of Palestine–especially among Democrats and Liberals/Progressives–have been moving sharply away from the old, one-sided support for Israel. There is also a growing partisan divide on the issues between Democrats and Republicans, but the new and developing public attitudes have achieved little change in policy, either nationally or within the Democratic Party establishment.  There are, however; some encouraging signs which we will cover during the workshop.

We will assess the current state of play, examine the obstacles to change, and discuss how we can move our issue forward more effectively within the Democratic party and among our elected representatives. In part, this will be achieved by building on our past work to establish a more successful statewide and Congressional District-based advocacy mechanism, incorporating new and more effective methods.


This workshop will be facilitated by Jeff Klein.